What It's Like To Be An Introvert

When you think of an introvert, do you think of someone who wears bright lipstick, lives for the thrill of music festivals and dyes her hair extravagant colours? Yeah I didn't think so. The dictionary defines an introvert as a 'shy, reticent individual. One who finds comfort in their own company.' True I am quite shy at times, and I don't like answering phone calls or making them either. I have also figured out every way possible to order food without actually picking up the phone - but honestly if you asked my close circle of friends they would tell you straight up that I am not a reticent person. I just don't go out of my way to make myself known. So if you are wondering what it is really like being an introvert, then read on.

I get socially exhausted.
How do I explain social exhaustion? For me it resembles running a marathon and all you need to do afterwards is sit down and recover. I am still trying to find a polite way to explain that "yes I love you, but I am just tired of being around you right now". An introverts soul is a battery that needs recharging every now and then, not from sleep or food, but from alone time. Often times that person sitting in the corner of the coffee shop with their head down is an introvert who has decided it is time to recharge their soul. As a blogger my recharging consist of sitting down with my laptop and tapping at the keyboard until I am satisfied with the content.

People assume I am depressed.
Being an introvert is a challenge. Often times my inwardness is mistaken as sadness when in reality I am far away with the fairies and dreaming about precious little pug puppies and walking through a field of colourful flowers. What does make me sad is when people accuse me of being shallow because I can come off as perpetually uninterested. I have to explain to people that I do indeed like them, I just don't express it like an extroverted individual does. I am more interested in experiences and sensations than I am in small talk.

I pick my friends carefully.
Some people can be thrown in to a new group of people and immediately become best buds with them. Being an introvert makes that almost impossible. I feel extremely overwhelmed when I am forced to interact with individuals that don't understand what level of comfort I require. There has been times in my life where I have made a friend, only to slowly slip out of that relationship due to discovering there is no true comfort within their company. Some of my greatest friends are extremely extroverted but understand the person I am. They know I will probably cancel plans just so I can sit at home and watch reruns of Ghost Whisperer instead but they continue to invite me to events because sometimes I go, and I love it. Every one of my friends understands what being an introvert is about purely because they had the patience to discover my boundaries so they could create a magical friendship. If you asked my best friend she would explain that once an introvert becomes truly comfortable with a certain person we become some of the clingiest people on this planet.

I am a good listener.
True that I am not really a empowered speech-giver, but whenever my friends need someone to share their feelings with I am there. Being an introvert I have found that people trust you more not to reveal their secrets. Though when you are such a quiet person, sharing feelings becomes a very special thing. So being a good listener is just a part of who introverts are.

I get lonely.
Introverts are normal people who just need their space sometimes. Not getting invited to a party or to lunch with friends can make you feel really lonely. A lot of the time I prefer to stay at home, but no-one is 100% introverted and I still need social interaction.

I care deeply.
Having a smaller group of friends means you have so much more love to give. I care about everyone I meet in my own little way, but when I decide you are a very treasured person to myself I care about you more than could ever be described.

I notice things others don't.
I am always seeing the small things in the world around me. In being an introvert my quiet nature allows me to study the body language of people around me and notice the way they react to certain words and actions. I could describe in detail the patterns on a tree we passed on a walk, or the colour of a strangers eyes we saw in a market. I am constantly observing.

What do you think it is like being an introvert? Let me know in the comments below. 
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