It's OK to not be OK

One thing I've noticed lately is that there is this notion that not being OK is a massive problem. Our current mental health philosophy stresses the idea that people ought to be happy, and that not being happy all the time means there is something seriously wrong with you

Well then sign me up for shock therapy because every now and then I am just not OK. 

Scratch that thought. 

Of course there are going to be days when I am just a little blue. Everybody has those days. Perhaps you had a fight with your other half, or someone pushed your buttons a little too much. We are entitled to feel our emotions; after all we are only human.

People will tell you to be grateful, or to see the positive side of a certain situation, but I say screw that. It really doesn't concern them.
So spend all day in your pj's and eat ice cream for lunch and embrace your not OK days.
When you can't quite remember if you've already had this exact conversation before.
When the washing piles up, and your floor starts to resemble a clothes warehouse.
When you can't afford to go out with your friends because you have to pay your phone bill.
When you just feel like a big old mess and you can't fathom getting out of bed, or putting on a bra, or even pants for that matter. It is fine. You are doing well. 


  1. It's always OK to not be OK. Anyone who says otherwise is not OK. See the irony

  2. Everyone has emotions, and there is no shame in it.


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