Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

Nowadays stress is a normal part of our lives. All the pressure put on us from school, work, home, or personal situations makes leading a stress-free life practically impossible. You probably already know that stress has a very big impact on our health and well-being - it can lead to depression, recurring illnesses, and even heart attacks. There are a lot of medications on the market that claim to ease or even eliminate stress, but if you're like me you'd rather natural ways to reduce stress - so I wrote a little list of ways to combat stress for you!

Every day we have a thousand different thoughts run through our head, all of them swarming around and piling up often makes me feel a little messy and uncoordinated. Thoughts are almost always accompanied with different emotions and when we let our minds get cluttered, our life does too. Writing down a few simple sentences every day can help you relax, get a good nights rest and feel lighter. So hop in the shower and brainstorm - but keep a notepad nearby!

Who doesn't love soaking in a warm pool full of delightful smelling bubbles? A bubble bath can be me time, couple time, music time, thinking time, or writing time. It relaxes the bodies muscles, eases our soul and lifts our spirits (plus it is good for your skin, bonus!). Take off your clothes, maybe even light a candle, and get in the bath - and do it often. 

Yeah, I said it. Be lazy. Be very lazy, but only sometimes.. We live in a busy world where everyone is always rushing, never slowing down to admire the world around us. It is a stressful time being an adult, student, or parent. Constantly working too hard for too long can leave us feeling burned out, and even lead to mental health problems in the long run. So watch netflix and take it slow. The laundry can wait a while, and the dishes aren't hurting anyone. Taking an hour or two to do absolutely nothing is healthy and completely justified. You've earned it. 

Our bodies aren't as simple as we all like to believe. We need so many different things to keep us running smoothly as we age. Drinking enough water, getting a little bit of exercise and a balanced diet doesn't just keep our bodies strong, it keeps our brains healthy too. So slow down and look after yourself, your brain will thank you in the long run.

Even though health is important, denying ourselves a simple treat every now and then is one the most unhealthiest things you can do. Wanting to down a couple of donuts is human.. So as long as you get your nutrients and drink water every day, you can eat that donut! A little treat actually keeps us healthy, and sane.

What are your natural ways to reduce stress? Let me know in the comments!

With love, Paige. x

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