What happened when I came off birth control

I had been on some form of birth control since I was 16, and never took a break. At first I started taking it to regulate my menstrual cycle, then as I reached adulthood it became a safe way to enjoy sex - but a few months ago my doctor suggested I go off hormonal birth control in order to allow my body a break and to find natural balance. This is my personal experience with what happened when I came off birth control.

This is top of the list because it is top of my priorities of things that I need to boot to the curb. I went a whole 2 weeks without seeing a single pimple and was too quick to praise the heavens that my skin was remaining calm and happy. Then one day I woke up and a colony of pimples had popped up on my shoulders, and not just little pimples you barely notice, no this was full cystic acne. The painful kind. The reason for this is your testosterone levels going back up and taking you back to puberty days. Make sure to wash your body regularly with a mild soap, and always remove your makeup with a good cleanser before bed.

Painful cramps and heavier periods
My first period off the pill was sent straight from the depths of hell. Not only was I bleeding out an entire river, I was bed ridden with debilitating cramps. The reason for this is because birth control has high levels of progesterone and estrogen to stop ovulation occurring, and the period on the pill is just a sugar-induced bleed, and once the excess hormones are gone you will begin ovulating again and your body will need to rid the little nest that it created for a baby.

PMS and mood swings
I have always been a sensitive person; I can’t even watch a dog video without tearing up.  So imagine my absolute distaste when I was told that PMS would come back in full swing. The past month has been a combination of random crying, bouts of rage, and extremely low self-confidence. The acne hasn’t helped with that last one.

Increased libido
A common complaint amongst women on birth control is a low sex drive. This is often caused by lower testosterone levels from not ovulating. So when I stopped popping that pill every day and my body started to balance out, my libido came back in full swing. If you are single, this is a hard one to handle.

Weight loss
This is one I am very happy about, it has been an entire month and I have dropped 4kg. Some women often gain weight once they stop the pill, some will even stay the same. So I’m definitely thankful for this one.

I joined a support group once I noticed all of these things and many women have noted the same response to stopping birth control but after a few months they went back to normal. Hang in there ladies, your body will find balance again.

Let me know in the comments what your story of coming off the pill is!

With love, Paige. x


  1. Hello lovely. Hows this for a story. I stopped the pill when I was 21... I didn't menstrate til I was 26. It was such a weird process. My body just said ... nahhhhhh
    When they started, it was like being a weird 15 year old girl again trying to figure out what was happening...

  2. I'm so worried whats going to happen when I come off the pill! I've been on it for just under a year and its helped me so much for periods, I really dont want to come off it cause I just want to try and rip out my ovaries.

    Its amazing how much the pill, as much as its got shitty side effects, it helps with the pain of periods. But its good to see what could happen when I have to come off it!


  3. Oh this is super interesting to read! Thank you for sharing xx



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