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Lush Products For Winter

It is officially winter over here in the AU, that glorious time of the year where the air is sweet and crisp and it’s completely acceptable to have an entire cupboard full of Lush bath bombs. Of course It is no secret that I am obsessed with Lush products, I mean come on, their bath bombs are divine! 

BB Seaweed Face Mask: Despite my love for Lush, I had never really used their masks. I would float around and smell every single one, but with my very sensitive and dry skin that is also prone to acne, It's been a constant struggle to find products that nourish my skin without aggravating it, so I've always been a bit weary of face masks because they often include oils that can sink in to your pores if left on for too long. But after a lovely little chat with a worker at my local lush store I left feeling confident that I could now join the face masks revolution without fear of upsetting my skin. BB Seaweed combines fresh seaweed, almonds, rose absolute, rosemary oil, aloe vera and millet flakes to soothe and soften the skin and gently exfoliate dead skin. I’ve popped it on a few times in the bath already, and have been very impressed. After the first use I noticed my skin looked genuinely healthy and fresh, it felt soft for days afterwards and I didn't notice any new bumps popping up. After continuous use I have definitely noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin, and have noticed that i'm not getting those pesky dry patches as often - yay! This face mask will have you saying goodbye to dull winter skin, and leave you feeling so fresh and pampered!

Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb; I am a BIG fan of Sex Bomb, but I just couldn't turn away from this absolutely beautiful smelling bath bomb - it's meant to be based on a real medieval love potion and given that I fell so in love with it in the store, I would say that's true! Tisty Tosty contains real fresh rosebuds, jasmine, as well as lemon oil and rose oil for a fresh and soothing feel. I often find myself reaching for this bath bomb when my legs feel a little dried out from the cold winter mornings. This bath bomb just leaves me feeling like a glowing medieval princess!

The Comforter; The name says it all - This bubble bar is one of those products that I stock up on because it's just so good! A bath just isn't the same with delicious fruity bubbles to soothe your soul - it contains cassis absolute that gives off a very fruit scent, and cypress oil that softens and tones the skin, as well as soothing sensitive skin. This one is definitely a product you can use through very season, but my skin loves it even more on colder days - plus a warm bubble bath on a winter night is just a necessity. I also really love their Sunnyside bubble bar, because who doesn't want to bath in glittering gold bubbles? 

These products really do wonders for my skin, and Lush has natural products that cater to very skin type! My sensitive, dry AND acne prone skin just loves being pampered by this combination in a Sunday night bath. Add some wine and call it a date for one! I can’t recommend Lush enough!
What are your go to lush products?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review these products. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. All of these products are so good!! I always have to get an Intergalactic bath bomb when I go to Lush cause it's so pretty & fun, but my favourite product for skincare is their 9 to 5 cleanser!xx


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