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I love to read. I've been a member of the local library since I was about 8. Many nights of my teen years were spent curled up on the old squishy couch with whatever book caught my eye that week. Every few months I will write a list of books that I absolutely have to read. Here's the 4 books that you must read..

Love Rosie by Cecelia Ahern; Love Rosie is one of my favourite movies! Sage and I have made a tradition of watching it on the first night of moving in to a new house. When I came across the book I was shocked that I hadn't read it yet. I was seriously upset with myself, guys. I'm not really someone who enjoys stories told through messages, but Cecelia did a great job of tying in the emails and making it play in to an amazing story.  This is just the kind of story that keeps surprising you, no matter how many times you read it. It's not just a love story, it's a story about the trials and tribulations of navigating adult life. There is a surprise pregnancy, lies and secrets, heartbreak, divorce - but there is also love, happiness and moments that just make you clutch the book to your chest and take a moment. It's a beautiful book. 
Almost Adulting by Arden Rose; Let's be honest, everybody in the blogging world knows who Arden Rose is. I read it in one night in a bubble bath and immediately sent a text to my friend telling her to pick it up on her next wine run. There's not much rhyme and reason to this book, but you can really relate to Arden. It also has some great tips on every aspect of adult life, and it will seriously make you laugh!
First We Make The Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson; We all know who Sarah Wilson is, she's the girl who quit sugar! I admire that strength, I just ate my way through a box of sugar biscuits (no regrets - sorry Sarah). Moving on! I will admit it took me a while to get through this book, not because it's not an amazing book, but because it's a very emotional book. It was a confronting book, it will make you feel many feels.. but it's something that every person with anxiety needs to read. 
Like A Queen by Constance Hall; I absolutely love Constance Hall! Sure, she talks a lot about the mum life and i'm not there yet, but she also talks about the shit that girls have to go through.. periods, drunk men in clubs, pregnancy scares. I cry laughed so hard whilst reading this book, like the kind of laughing that makes you have to try really hard to not pee a little bit! This is just the kind of book that you keep on your coffee table. 

What are your current favourite books?

With love, Paige. xx

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