I'm a uni student who is also renting a home. I have bills, fees, groceries, rent, and fuel. Most of us do. Even people who still live at home have some kind of ongoing cost that leaves them with little luxury money. But even if you have bills to pay you still deserve to buy things for yourself. For me I like to buy books and makeup. Absolutely necessary items of course! I've talked about my passion for budget
makeup before, but I thought I'd put together a broke girl's guide for all those queens out there who can't afford $100 eyeshadow palettes.

You don't need to spend heaps of money to get that bomb new shade of nudes. I mean, I don't own a single Kylie cosmetics product. Sure, if you really want a high-end product you can definitely save up for it, but if you're anything like me - you want that shit now! That is where 'dupes' come in. A dupe is a budget product that pretty much looks exactly like the more expensive product, it may not be an exact match in shades or the quality might not be as good, but it's always a great option when you don't have much money. My favourite dupes are: Elf Shimmering Facial Wip as a dupe for the Benefit High Beam HighlighterMakeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow palette as a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, and NYX Lip Lingeries as dupes for Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. There are so many dupe options, just shop around or have a look at pinterest for ideas. You can read about some more great dupes here.

Ebay Is Your Friend
Don't be afraid of ebay! If you know what to look out for it, it's a great place to get makeup dupes and cheaper alternatives! I once found a collection of 20 unused mac lipsticks for only $50 that a makeup artist student was trying to sell before moving. Bargain! One of my most loved eyeshadow palattes is a complete dupe of the Morphe 350 Nature Glow palette - and I paid only $7 for it.. A few tips - check the reviews, anything under a 97% overall score is a bit sketchy. Look at their other items, if they're selling eyeshadow palettes and fishing gear, well they're probably not legit. 

Save and Splurge
Yeah, I know what you're thinking - "Paige this is post is called a broke girls guide to makeup, not a girl splurges on makeup." I hear you, I do, but sometimes you just have to splurge. I find that a lot of foundation dupes are subpar, and let's be honest, a girl NEEDS to own at least one Charlotte Tilbury product. If you really want a product that is a bit out of your price range, your best bet is to just save up and purchase it. High-end products are generally good quality and will be worth the money. 

Makeup Hacks
Bookmark this post because I am about to save your life. Well, not really, but these tips have been a miracle for me! 
- I use a $4 bottle of allergen-free baby powder as setting/baking powder. One of my friends once asked me why I always had a little pot of baby powder in my handbag, and girl, now you know! It's great for mattifying your skin as well. 
- Liquid lipsticks make a great base for eyeshadow. I like to use my colourpop Magic Wand as a base for pink and rose gold eyeshadows. 
- My absolute favourite primer of all time is this $11 bottle of men's aftershave. 
- Coconut oil is really good at removing makeup! Seriously, what isn't coconut oil good for?
- My number 1 tip is.. samples! I have sensitive skin, so I can't straight up buy something in case my skin has a freakout and i'm left with an unusable $30 bottle of foundation. Instead, I like to pop in to makeup stores and ask for a sample of their foundations or skincare products. Some places will even have lipstick and eyeshadow samples. This is a really great option if you have an important event coming up and want a flawless base but can't afford a new foundation. Seriously, do not be scared to ask for samples!

What are some makeup tips you have picked up to save money?

With love, Paige. xx

Disclaimer: I was not paid to talk about the products in this post. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I love a good makeup hack and I definitely agree, sometimes it can be easier to save up for a while and treat yourself to something high end. I always find high end things last longer but there's nothing like a good dupe for when you need to save! xx

    Gemma Louise

  2. Totally agree with samples. I too have sensitive skin so always mention that and ask for samples before splashing out. It’s been such a money saver as I ow have a list of products I can’t use.
    Never thought about liquid lipsticks as a base...must try!

  3. So many great tips Paige and I am definitely going to give baby powder a go, why have a never thought of that?!?
    I agree with you on the high end thing, high end products are worth saving for as they last ages and are well worth the price!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  4. Loved these tips! Definitely agree about eBay, it's so good for so many things :)

    M x


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