review of the body shop aloe calming cream cleanser

I really love cleansers, like a lot. Well really I just love the feeling of clean skin. I've trialed a lot of cleansers over the years, my collection is full of everything from gentle creams to everyday scrubs. I can be very picky when it comes to cleansers - it has to remove my makeup without stripping my skin, and leave my face feeling refreshed and healthy. I also have slightly sensitive skin, so when I saw the body shop aloe cream cleanser was on sale, I just couldn't leave the store without it!

The Aloe Cream Cleanser claims to be a comforting cleanser that melts away impurities and reveals skin that feels clean, refreshed and calm. I can say that I definitely agree with this! When I first tried this I was absolutely blown away! My skin always feels so soft and smooth after using this! There isn't a chemical smell that you get with most cleansers, and although the consistency is very smooth and creamy you don't feel like you need to use a lot.

The only downside of this product is that it's not very good at removing makeup. Often I have to use a makeup remover or my garnier micellar water first, but the two paired together is a dream come true! 

This cleanser is really all you need if you have sensitive skin or just prefer to use a gentler product. It has become one of my staples. 

Have you heard of the aloe cream cleanser?

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