Can you believe that it's only 12 days until Christmas! I feel like it was only yesterday I was celebrating the new year, and now I'm wrapping presents to put under the tree! If you have lots of people to buy for this Christmas, then you are absolutely like me and must stick to a budget! Now I had some pretty expensive stuff on my wishlist - I am just a girl after all - but I also had some very
inexpensive stuff on my list too. I also managed to buy some pretty amazing presents for others without making my wallet cry.. so I thought i'd put together a little gift guide on a budget!

I LOVE socks and I think they make great gifts at Christmas. It is tradition in my house to snuggle up in pyjama's on Christmas Eve and watch some festive movies, so I think that these polar bear socks as an early present idea is just perfect, plus they never break the bank!

This present combines two things I love.. makeup and Typo! Typo is one of those stores I could spend hours in just looking at all the little knick-knacks and pretty items. This light up mirror is just perfect for anybody who needs to touch up their makeup on the go or at night!

Maxfactor Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette - $14.99
I usually like to splurge on my eyeshadow palette's, I believe it's one of those products that can completely transform a look! But I must admit some budget palette's are just as good as the higher-end one. The Masterpiece Nude palette by Maxfactor is one of those budget palette's that just blows you away. It's a perfect gift for a beauty lover!

ASOS Cat Ring - $10
Rings are one of those statement accessories that just make an outfit.. and every girl deserves to have a cute kitty cat ring in her life! I just adore this novelty ring, it's perfect as a stocking stuffer!

Shimmered Spots Ring Dish- $10
Here's an absolutely adorable little ring dish to put the kitty cat ring in! If you buy the two together it is a perfect Christmas present set! Plus, who doesn't need at least one cute little bowl to put little trinkets in?

Colourpop Foxy Mini Lip Kit - $14.40
For anybody who hasn't yet tried Colourpop's liquid lipsticks, they are amazing! They are everything you want in a matte lipstick, beautiful AND hydrating. That is why this kit is a perfect present! It comes with 5 of colourpop's most popular colours - beeper, clueless, tulle, more better, and creeper. Beeper is my every day go to lipstick, and the rest of these are just as beautiful! 

Gold Initials Mug - $8
I love cute things and tea, so when the two are combined it just makes the perfect present for me. I have always wanted a mug with my initial on it, and so when I came across this mug for such a cheap price, I just had to get it. Add some mini marshmallows and this mug will go down a treat for Christmas!

There are just so many perfect little things for Christmas that won't break the budget. Chocolates, cookies, books, handmade gifts, all of these make good and thoughtful presents. It's not about how much you spend, but the love and thought that goes in to what you buy!

What do you think, are these budget presents something you would love? 

With love, Paige. xx

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