I know, I know! I am a little late to jump on this bandwagon, but those few weeks after Christmas are always a crazy time for me, and I got so excited reading Christmas posts that I just had to do my own! I am naturally curious by nature, and I love nothing more than to get a little sneak peak in to people's collections. I constantly go through my friend's makeup bags, and I love to read a good haul
post - so it seems only right that I do one myself! So here is what I got for Christmas in 2017...

My absolute favourite gift was my bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs from my fiance. He has this amazing ability to hear me mention in passing that I like something or that I want something, and then he will compartmentalise that information for future reference. I have never received a single gift from Sage that wasn't something I loved or had been lusting over for months. Anyway, this perfume is something I have always wanted, and I sqeeuled just a little bit when I opened it. It smells divine, and has this very soft, floral scent that lingers all day and leaves me feeling like a whimsical fairy. Another present I got from Sage was the Mario Badescu Rose and Aloe Facial Spray, I won't say much about this because I plan on doing a separate review, but I will admit that I have used it every single day since I got it!

One thing I always love to recieve is bath products! I take a lot of baths, I think it's one of the best ways to unwind, and somedays after work it helps soothe my sore muscles. I was so happy when Sage's mother gave us a big box full of bath products and toiletries as usual, it is always so helpful and often means we don't have to buy much stuff throughout the year. This year there were quite a lot of bath products, such as bath bombs and bath crystals/salts as well, which made me so happy! Sadly I have already used a few of my bath bombs, but there was a few new ones I got that I can't wait to try, and I still have lots of crystals and salts left to get me through - such as the Peony and Amber bath crystals. I had never tried this type before and I just can't get over the cute packaging, plus it smells so lush! I can't wait to light some candles and settle in for a nice relaxing bath with it in the future!

I got a lot of other little things that I adore, like a jar full of notes to read when I am feeling sad from my best friend, my absolutely adorable fox mug that gets used every single day! My unicorn makeup brushes that are not only completely adorable, but also extremely soft and pretty good quality. There were fox coasters, golf balls, cute little figurines for my garden, and lots of chocolates! But one of my most treasured gifts this year was my little fox snow-globe Christmas bauble from Sage's Nan. Sage's family welcomed me with open arms when we first got together, and they have been nothing but loving to me ever since. This little bauble from his Nan was given as a family tradition, and can be handed down to our future kids. It was extremely thoughtful and one of those gifts that you will always hold dear. 

What did you get for Christmas this year? Was anything on this list added to your wishlist for next year?

As always, 
with love, Paige. x

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