I've shared a few health updates here and there on this blog, but haven't really gone very in depth about it all and what I am doing to overcome it all. One of my biggest diagnosis was Adrenal Fatigue, which is really just a fancy way of saying "I crashed and burned the mental health plane." Whilst dealing with this and all of the lifestyle changes I have had to make because of it, I haven't been around here much. It's been one part anxiety and seven parts absolute mental exhaustion, which I guess is also just a part of anxiety. In saying that, I thought it was about time to dust off the keyboard and settle back in to what I love to do - talk to you guys - with a little life update and how I am overcoming adrenal fatigue. 

I'm learning how to manage stress.
If you have met me in real life, one thing you'll know for sure is that I am a worrier. Pile on planning - and paying! - for a wedding, add in a few debts, sprinkle on some health problems and you have yourself a massive, stinky pile of stress. Never mind the fact that I am a HSP and I have ADD, which means that too much stimuli, whether it be visual, sensory or emotional, just makes me want to crawl under a duvet and cry; but I'll talk about that another time! What all of these really meant is that I had to start managing my stress better. So I've been journaling, learning how to meditate, focusing on sleep and rest, and learning to take proper care of my body and mind. 

I took a minimalist hygge approach to my home.
Like I have said, the one thing that comes with ADD is sensory overload! Too much clutter and my brain just screams ABORT ABORT ABORT! And that usually means I end up shutting down like an old rusty car in the summer heat. One place that easily gets cluttered is my home, so I decided to fix that. I took a long hard look at everything I owned and threw away half of it.. clothes, books, knickknacks, journals that I've been collecting but never wrote in, etc.. it went in bags and boxes and is getting taken to an op shop for somebody else to love. I also absolutely love feeling warm and cosy and comforted, so I decided to bring a little more hygge in to my home by adding a lot of fairy lights, candles, comfy pillows, hot chocolates and homemade knits. The danish know how to live.

I've been shutting off from social media.
You've probably noticed my absence from here and my very patchy posting on Instagram, and I admit that I have completely abandoned twitter (I'm sorry twitter friends, I still love you). When everything with my health got really bad, I had to focus on what was important for me and what really made my stress and anxiety worse, and for me a big stressor was social media. I have been finding ways to enjoy it again and be as true to myself as possible though. I'm also trying to read more, honestly if someone recommends me a book, I will almost always order in the hope that it'll grab my attention, but with a short attention span I tend to lose track and start reading another book before I have finished the last. However I do read A LOT, but I mainly read harry potter fan stories. I'm working my way through Pride and Prejudice right now, which may have taken a backburner since The Art of Wellbeing arrived on my doorstep recently.

I've overhauled my diet.
This was the hardest one for me. I am a creature of habit, and one of those habits is skipping meals and just reaching for what's easy. My doctor had a heart attack when she got my results and noticed that I was lacking so many important nutrients because I just wasn't eating enough throughout the day. I am now on a program that ensures I eat 5 meals a day, and I eat the RIGHT foods. I must say it has helped with my mood and energy, so I guess I just have to trust my doctor and learn to enjoy food again.

I started taking supplements and herbs and using magnesium oil.
This was by far what has had the biggest impact on my health and wellbeing so far. My doctor (I should mention that she focuses on natural and holistic medicine first) has me taking quiet a few things every day. I take a herbal tincture 3 times a day, and take 5 different supplements every day as well as iron and a probiotic at bed time. I also drink warm lemon water every morning, add gelatin powder to my meals and drink aloe juice and eat probiotic foods as much as possible. I also rub magnesium oil on my tummy before bed, and this has really helped me sleep better. Whilst some days it is a massive pain to have to take every thing, and some of them taste awful, I have felt a difference. Hopefully all of this will really help my body to heal. 

I am working on healing my mind and soul.
I don't have much to say on this, because it is still very much a work in progress and a massive learning curve. But I have been getting more in touch with my spirituality and learning to just be. 

So life has been a little bit of a mess lately, but I have just been telling myself every single day that I am strong. I like to say my favourite quote out loud to remind myself.. Life is tough my darling, but so are you.

As always, 
With love,
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