Hello there friend, I'm Paige. I am a blogger and graphic design student residing in a little old country house with my boyfriend, Burmese kitten and Labrador, and our many house plants. I like to spend my days with my nose in a good book, or spending time doing various DIY projects and exploring the world around me.

I have been sharing my thoughts, advice, and ideas since 2012. Here you can find beauty, lifestyle, and chatty posts that get a little personal. Recently I have been trying to live more naturally, and in the future I will be sharing recipes, advice, and natural remedies with you. I do also have a FAQ if you are interested in getting to know me a little more. 

I encourage people to email me at 'withlovepaige@gmail.com' if they need advice or just someone to talk to.

I hope to inspire and create and encourage those around me to find a little bit of joy in every day.

With love, Paige.
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